Archbold Medical Center| Archives Magazine | Fall 2019

ARCHBOLD.ORG • FALL 2019 3 Why we give Through the years, my family has received exceptional medical care from Archbold Memorial Hospital. From the excellent service provided during the births of our three children to the A great place to work and grow IN APRIL, our employees finished participating in the 2019 comprehensive employee survey. We regularly survey our employees to learn about their experiences, measure job satisfaction and important organizational metrics, and prioritize follow-up activities that can help us make Archbold a great place to work and deliver care. Overall, our employees scored Archbold highly in many areas, including workplace and patient safety, teamwork, autonomy, customer focus, and man- agement. High scores in these areas are exciting to see—and a direct result of the many visible efforts we’ve made to ensure that our employees are engaged. In healthcare, when employees are engaged and believe in an organization’s mis- sion, vision and core values, that translates into outstanding patient care. In this respect, employee satisfaction is correlated with good patient outcomes, and it’s one reason why employee satisfaction is one of our core values. Though there’s always room to improve, I’m very proud of our survey results. They reflect a strong, stable organization with engaged employees who feel empowered and are dedicated to ensuring that you are receiving care at the best healthcare system in our region. J. Perry Mustian President and CEO, Archbold Medical Center compassionate care offered during the final months of my father’s life, the hos- pital has proved time and time again to be a provider of high-quality healthcare. Because of the needs of our commu- nity and our personal experiences with the hospital, we are excited to support the Archbold Foundation and give to the John B. and Elizabeth V. Wight Inpatient Hospice Center. This space will be a blessing for patients and their families for years to come, and it will provide an outstanding level of comfort and care to all who experience it. Please join us in supporting this great new addition to our local medical community. —The Vick Family